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No New Posts Site Rules

These are the rules of the site. There is consequences for not following them, so please read them before or as soon as you join TF.

Moderator: Avranathe

1 1 The Rules
by Avranathe
Sept 20, 2012 4:53:31 GMT -5
No New Posts Announcements

This is where important site announcements will be posted. Check back here every week, or even every day to find new announcements.

Moderator: Kei

by tracyfullers
May 24, 2017 9:46:15 GMT -5
No New Posts TF Almanac & Archives

The Almanac is a source of information, also recording important events (battles, alpha deaths, rank chalenges, etc.) and helpful information. The Archives thread is where all closed threads are put, so that members can look through them and they might prove useful.

Moderator: Kei

Sub-boards: TF Almanac , TF Archives

2 12 If I Fall ||PAFP||
by Genevieve Yosebe
Jan 31, 2013 19:23:40 GMT -5
No New Posts Guidelines

This is where you will find any help you need having to do with anything on the site, including: FAQ, species listings, roleplay help, etc.

Moderators: Avranathe, Kei

Sub-boards: FAQ, How to Roleplay, Species Listings

7 8 Posting Tables
by Avranathe
Jan 4, 2013 12:02:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Seasonal Activity Checks

If there is an activity check going on, please reply to the thread for it which will be posted in here. Just follow the instructions. Activity checks happen once every season.

Moderators: Avranathe, Kei

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No New Posts OTM Votings

Here you can vote for the next OTMs that you want to be elected!

Moderators: Avranathe, Kei

6 6 Vote Here for the next TOTM
by Avranathe
Dec 4, 2012 22:36:36 GMT -5
No New Posts Staff Board

STAFF PLANNING! (viewable only by staffers.)

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No New Posts Advertise

Here you can advertise your website, and we will link back. (Guest friendly)

Moderators: Avranathe, Kei

Sub-boards: Searching for a Pack, First Sight, The Comeback

208 213 NARUTO FORUM RP | 12 years active!
Sept 10, 2018 0:20:17 GMT -5
No New Posts Affiliate

If you have your own site, or want to help out with one, then affiliate with us! Please follow our simple TOS, fill in the application, and you can appear in our affilate table.

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9 11 How does the affiliate program works?
by markgraham
Mar 13, 2018 9:11:41 GMT -5
No New Posts Credits

Here you can find a list of credits for the images and other content of True Fire.

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··· Members Lobby

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No New Posts Introductions

If you are a new member, then post here to introduce yourself you the other users on TF!

Sub-board: Staff Planning

1 1
No New Posts Share Your Story - PG-13

Do you want others to know a little more about you and where you come from; namely your history? Well, here is the place to let your story be heard. You can create a new thread, and post in it your story, spanning from any point of time to another. Feel free to do so, but please don't feel pressured to. You can include any inappropriate content that you wish to, there is a warning in the board title. But please do not post content that is more inappropriate than PG-13 though language of all sorts is accepted.

Moderator: Avranathe

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No New Posts Members Chat

Here you can chat about anything, in character, out of character, whatever you want! (Only viewable by members)

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No New Posts Current Events and Competitions

Here you can find all competitions, big or small that are currently in progress or that have been in the last month and participate in them and/or view the results. This is a good way to earn cool prizes and Light Crystals!

Moderator: Avranathe

Sub-boards: Battle, Monthly Competitions, Fun Little Things, TF WANTED

2 2 Advertising contest
by Colorful Crayon
Jan 23, 2013 20:01:47 GMT -5
No New Posts User Shops

Are you in need of a custom made item, or one already used and for a lower price? Well, you've come to the right place! Here users can open their own shops, and sell their old items or creations. Here we also have the Graphics request board, where you can request a piece of art from an artist and they will name their price.

Moderator: Avranathe

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No New Posts Share Your Creations

Want to share your creations? Well, you've come to the right place! here you can share your artwork, writing, anything of your creation! be reminded, we do not tolerate theives of property.

Moderator: Avranathe

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No New Posts Awards

Here there is a thread for every user, and each user's awards are posted in their thread. To quickly find your awards thread, please click 'search' near the bottom of the page by the other buttons and search your name.

Moderator: Avranathe

20 20

··· Choose Your Path

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No New Posts Creation

Create your character here by filling in the bio form, and wait for it to be accepted. Remember, only one character per account.

Moderators: Hybrid, Avranathe

Sub-board: Accepted

18 21 The creation and current usage of Standard Mandarin
by markgraham
Mar 13, 2018 9:04:16 GMT -5
No New Posts Adoption

If you want to adopt a character instead of creating one, or you want to put your own character up for adoptioon, then here is the place to do it.

Moderator: Avranathe

Sub-board: Adopt A Pup

1 1 Birthing Form
by Avranathe
Oct 27, 2012 15:44:29 GMT -5
No New Posts Groups

This is where the groups are listed, packs, clans, and councils in the Empire. Look through these and choose which group your character is to be in, and find rules , lots of info, and instructions on how to join each of the groups.

Moderator: Avranathe

Sub-boards: Feral Packs, Domestic Packs, Drakka Clans

6 6 Aochan - The Clan of the seven virtues
by Colorful Crayon
Jan 4, 2013 20:51:01 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Tracker

Here you can create a thread here and track your character's progress. This is optional.

Moderator: Avranathe

4 4 Genevieve's mind
by Genevieve Yosebe
Jan 6, 2013 13:52:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Plot Away

If you are searching for a mate, pups, a friend, parents, an enemy, or just have a great idea for a plot that you need specific characters to be involved in, then ask for them here. Anything else you need for a plot can be asked for too.

Moderator: Avranathe

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No New Posts The Store

The store is where you can buy items, abilities and other things with Light Crystals.

Moderator: Avranathe

Sub-board: Credited Purchases

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No New Posts The Realm of Ghosts

If a character is killed in roleplay, or you are ready to stop roleplaying them, then their bios go here as a memorial and reference. Be warned - characters who are sent here cannot be revived.

Moderator: Avranathe

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··· Forest Roleplay

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No New Posts The Eastern Forest - the Sheran Pack

A vast, dense evergreen forest with tall, summer-greened conifers and overflowing wildlife. There are many creeks and brooks running through the territory, most of them leading to small ponds and lakes, or into another territory. There is one river that starts from a tall waterfall, that falls from a rocky cliff into a large lake; then flows from the lake in a wavy circle all the way around the territory, and loops back in to the lake. Life is good in the forest, as there is much plump prey and good shelter, as well as other benefits, even in the Winter. There is the occasional threat of a carnivorous and hungry predator, but the wolves of this realm are well trained to be good warriors, so they are prepared. This environment is especially livable for those who like an elegant, well-fed life.

Moderator: Parrot

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No New Posts The Western Forest

Here the trees are about fifty percent of the time, mostly throughout the winter and late fall are covered in freshly fallen snow, though the temperature is above freezing in that time although not high at all. In Summer, Spring and early Fall there is little snow and warmer weather. The temperature all year round rarely gets above seventy degrees, but nevertheless it is a comfortable place to live most of the time. The forest is thick with plump prey in Summer and especially Spring, but in winter there are only random herds of elk wandering the forest as many other creatures have already migrated or started hibernation. It rains very little in the forest, and when it does the thick blanket of coniferous treetops shields much of the forest floor from the wet.

Moderator: Parrot

1 1 Amonst the Pine and Snow (open)
by Hybrid
Jan 31, 2013 16:17:16 GMT -5
No New Posts The Southern Forest - the Fenrai Pack

The Southern Forest is on and near the base of the Snowstar Mountain, so the climate there is normally below freezing and the ground thick with freshly fallen snow. Here, as in the Eastern and Western Forests, the trees that speck the forest are mostly tall, thin evergreens, with thin and helpless deciduous trees scrabbling with their hold on life in the harsh snowstorms that blow off and crack their skinny branches leaving the trees as tall and icy sticks of wood. Summer brings little to the environment, as its nearly as cold as winter, spring or fall. The main prey here is snowshoe hares, black tailed deer, the occasional crow or raven and various underground creatures such as moles. Canines who live here should have thick coats and a will to survive.

Moderator: Parrot

Sub-boards: The Dens, The Icefall and Icepool, The River

1 35 An Icy Frustration
by Parrot
Jan 19, 2013 14:23:28 GMT -5
No New Posts The Northern Forest - the Itzala Clan

This section of the large forest that covers much of the protected area in Vintarea is mostly made up of sturdy deciduous trees, with delicate leaves and thin branches. Some of the forest, that touches the other sections is made up of tall, strong conifers, but the environment gets warmer to the North as that section fades into the all-year-round burning Sadari Desert and receives much heat from it. There is much prey here, but many snakes slither into the forest from the desert, though not far, and some are extremely poisonous. The edges of the woods before the desert have less trees, and warm sand as a padding for the inhabitants.

Moderator: Parrot

1 8 Chasing After Shadows
by Tamlen
Jan 14, 2013 8:30:08 GMT -5

··· Vast Roleplay

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No New Posts The Sadari Desert

A birds' eyes while in flight would discover nearly nothing of what lies in this vast desert. The light sands cover nearly all of the desert, and they almost burn to the touch. small, fragile trees, bushes and shrubs with little or no leaves speck the desert, most of them dead and already dried and blackened by the ever-shining sun that hovers above the land. Here there are many snakes, which some of the wolves who live here find edible, but many of the snakes are poisonous and deadly. Burrowing owls and small herds of dehydrated elk serve as the main prey in the area, along with the occasional hare, raven or other type of desert creature. steep and shallow sloping sand dunes are common at places among the desert territory, and some of them hide barely visible dens of sand and stone. There are many large rocks and boulders that also sufficiently hide small or large dens beneath them, well shaded and sheltered. Usually wolves who live here should be at least a bit camouflaged, for instance a red or black color since there is little cover for hunting.

Moderator: Parrot

Sub-boards: The Mist Lake, The Burning Sands

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No New Posts The Diamond Tundra

The Diamond Tundra - a vast, red tinged rocky tundra that stretches nearly as far as the eye can see. As in the Sadari Desert, there are very few living plants. Rocky cliffs are everywhere, and strange yet beautiful rock formation of every shape and size are common among the tundra. there are many dens and caverns in the rock, and much shade can be found even here. There is mainly warm sand and tall, dry grass on the ground, and rarely is there a patch of fresh green grass for prey to feed on. There are also many secrets that the Tundra hides, including various tunnels and caves that lead underground and form pathways underneath the earth. A burning sun hovers always over the Tundra, and in winter there is rarely any snow and the temperatures fall almost none. The main prey animals here are hares and elk, though there are not many elk. And many times, though it is regrettable and the meat doesn't taste very good, canines are forced by hunger to consume grizzly bears, coyotes and in the most grave situations their own kind. Survival is hard in the Tundra, but here you can learn the true meaning of life, freedom and reality.

Moderator: Parrot

Sub-boards: The Dark Caves, The Red Cliff Range

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··· Mountain Range Roleplay

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No New Posts Snowstar Mountain

The freezing, snow covered mountain provides little shelter from the fierce and deadly snowstorms and icy air that cover the mountain, especially the peak. There are, however, many caves that are safe and warm lay within the mountain. Wolves who live here need little camouflage as the snow is always so deep and there are many frozen bushes and plants. The trees here are strictly conifers. No deciduous trees whatsoever are to be seen on this mountain as they would immediately break and freeze to death. A roaring wind frequently hurtles through the thin forest that runs halfway up the mountain and on past the timberline. The trees disappear at a point, and there is only snow. The main prey here are snowshoe hares, elk, and many other small creatures.

Moderator: Parrot

Sub-boards: The Peak, The Cave Entrance

1 7 I will take what I cannot have
by Shadow
Jan 4, 2013 19:05:03 GMT -5
No New Posts Fayran Mountain

The Fayran Mountain is nearly as cold as the Snowstar Mountain, but not quite. There is a hint of soft warmth in the air during summer, and the snow melts at the base of the mountain when summer comes. This mountain is also noticeably smaller than the Snowstar Mountain. There are many coniferous trees, and many rivers and creeks running down the mountain. Also caves can be found inside of the mountain, like on the Snowstar Mountain, and that is where the canines living here mainly live.

Moderator: Parrot

Sub-boards: The Underground Dens, The Basin

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··· Ocean Roleplay

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No New Posts The Coast

The coast is a long, rocky beach, under a dry, sandstone and rock cliff that is as long as the beach.

Sub-boards: The Beach, The Cliff, Kalvrazna

1 4 Lazy Beach Day
by Hybrid
Jan 29, 2013 15:12:37 GMT -5
No New Posts The Venlouoska Islands - the Aochan Clan

This is a series of five small islands, each of them with a small and shallow stretch of clear blue water between them. The first is a desert island, with hardly any water besides the salty ocean water and an active volcano in the center. The second is a bit larger, and thinly covered with small, scrawny trees, both deciduous and coniferous. The last three are covered in coniferous forest, with many clearings and not much prey, but mostly fish, small water animals and birds. Canines who live here must be swift and fine with getting wet to be able to hunt.

Sub-boards: The Desert Island, The Thin Forest Island, The Forest Islands

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··· Human Territory Roleplay

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No New Posts Wulfenlor City

The Wulfenlor City is where many humans exploring Vintarea live, a medium sized city about half made up of weapon shops and combat training fields, one quarter of houses and the last quarter of normal shops for food and other things used in daily life. There are many unused and partially or completely hidden places good for pack meetings, usually abandoned alleys or store rooms. Stray dogs wander shyly through the normally busy and noisy streets, while well cared for, handsome purebreds for hunting, fighting and protecting strut proudly at their master's sides. The place is not very safe for a pack or even a loner to pass through if they show any trace of feral breeding. Food here is better from humans then hunted, for the only creatures that dwell in the city small enough to hunt easily are rats, mice, a few random squirrels and stray cats, all of them unhealthy and disease ridden. Feral life is unsupported in this dim city.

Moderator: Avranathe

Sub-boards: Town Square, Human Dens, Training Park, Old Graveyard

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No New Posts Jayri City

The Jayri City is much smaller than the Wulfenlore City, because it is only where people live. This is the place with the recreation. Canines are less worried about here, because there are less soldiers. There are some very safe places to rest for the night, and even more passages that canines can use to pass through the city safely. The main prey here is rats, mice, and house cats.

Sub-boards: The Human Dens, The Amusement Park

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No New Posts Fire Country

Fire Country is a large expanse of vast farmland, where farmers work to grow food and crops. There is more farmland than houses and other human evidence, though there is frequently plowing machines and farmers working on the fields. There is much space for canines to wander unseen, bu it would be unwise to drop guard, because shapes are clearly visible in the air. It is usually dry there, and prey is always available. There is even the rare elk or two at the edge of the forest. There is not much shade here but for the corn and a few other things, but the heat is usually bearable.

Sub-boards: The Barnyard, The Cornfield, The Wheatfield

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